Your alternative to crappy 3PLs

We got sick of 3PL partners taking brands like yours for a ride. So we did something about it.

The first Nice Commerce customer? Us.

As eCommerce store-owners, we’ve experienced first-hand the stress of fulfilling from your garage (or building your own warehouse), the headaches of dealing with rubbish, inefficient 3PLs, and the hours wasted on inventory management that we could have spent growing our brands.

That’s why we built Nice Commerce: to be the kind of fulfillment partner we'd always wished existed.

Not Nice

  • 5% Shrinkage rates as standard
  • Fee and penalty-based pricing model
  • Non-existent customer support
  • Rigid, inflexible processes and impersonal customer experiences
  • Nightmare-inducing inventory management
  • Just picking, packing, and shipping


  • Almost zero shrinkages
  • Simple, transparent pricing
  • Your very own, on-call success manager
  • Malleable tried and true processes that scale to all types of brands
  • Accurate inventory and order management - in real time
  • Marketing automations, strategic collaboration, and, well, picking, packing and shipping

Nerdy for all things eCommerce

Because we geek out over the things that usually bore store owners to tears, we’ve found a ton of ways to make fulfillment and operations way more efficient.

Really, we're a customer satisfaction business, your one-stop-shop for everything you need to grow your brand, delight your customers, and enjoy that mythical thing we think is called "work/life balance".
  • Improve Conversion
  • Product Photography
  • Happy Customers
  • Cold Storage

Zac Rigwa Life

Saving us time, money, and headaches!

Nice has quickly become an extension of our own team. They operate with high ownership levels at all areas of the business which have improved our customer experience exponentially. We’ve seen considerable improvements in our shipping processes, which have led to nearly 0 returns, allowing for our business leaders to focus on other priority areas - effectively saving us time, money, and headaches!

You're in nice company

We're lucky enough to have partnered up with some of our favorite brands.

  • Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.
  • Fits
  • Smithey Ironware Company
  • Streamline inventory

    Anything we can do to get rid of your operational headaches, we’ll get it done.

  • Awesome Experiences

    We’ll deliver “oh wow!” experiences to your customers, every single time.

  • Attention-to-Detail

    We’ll treat your products with the same care and attention as if they were our own.

A team that gets ship done

From founder Gray to Charlie and the team in the warehouse, every single person on Team Nice is here to do whatever it takes to make your life easier and help your brand grow.

Want to join the team?