#1 Tip to Improve Amazon Listings

An expert-level tip to optimize your brand's Amazon listing  

The quest for optimizing sales on Amazon is tough, but worthy

Nu Nice blog series, who dis?


Welcome to our new series of posts, where we will be giving you invaluable knowledge on how to increase your brand’s sales on Amazon. For this series, we have partnered with Josh Rawe with eSpark. We’ve seen firsthand the power of his team’s expertise at work, optimizing Amazon listings for many of our partner brands and driving ROI way up. We’re stoked to bring his insider knowledge to our community!


On this first article, we are going to focus on the #1 tip that, according to Josh, can improve Amazon listings for your products.


You ready? Here it comes, in 3 easy acts:

ACT 1: Add a Product Video to See 10x ROI

EOS includes informative product videos on all of their Amazon listings. Reminder: It doesn't have to be fancy, it just needs to clearly show your product and value props!

Add a product video to your listing.


That's it.


It sounds a little too simple, doesn’t it? And that is because it is! All you need to do to increase the sales of one of your products on Amazon by around 10% (according to Amazon themselves!!) is make a video, and then add it to your Amazon listing. Here is Josh from eSpark, AKA the Bezos whisperer:


“Product video has a really, really high ROI. You don’t have to film a Nike-level lifestyle video [with really polished production and fancy editing]. In fact, those [fancy] videos actually don’t perform that well on Amazon, people are more looking for product in-use videos.”


Amazon shoppers have a high purchase intent. They’re not looking to hear an elaborate story, they simply want to know “does this product solve my issues?”

ACT 2: Nail Down Value Props

FITS Socks listings include a video with a rep sharing AND demonstrating the value props of their product in real time.

OK, so now you know that having a video on the Amazon listing will boost your products, but what, exactly, should the video contain? Here is Josh from eSpark, once again, with the answer:


“Show the size, show the product in-use, and then have some graphics that talk about the benefits [e.g. “lightweight”, or “durable”]. Tell them how your product benefits the customer right there [on the video].”


Josh further elaborated that the video should very clearly show what your product is made of and its size (Amazon has had issues with deceptive product pictures which don’t properly represent items to scale). In general, you want to make sure that the video shows what the product looks like, and how to use it.


In regards to what kind of things to highlight on the graphics of the video, here is what Josh had to say:


“Make sure your hitting home value props and answer common questions that the viewer might have around your product.”


ACT 3: Address Common Questions

Take a look at yours and your competitors customer questions to see what people are curious about. Make sure to address these questions in your product video.

Look at your successful competitors and see what value props they share about their products. From there, emulate, or show how you differ!


You can go one step further and go to your competitors' listings and find customer questions to see what people are curious about. Better yet, go to your own listings, and see what people are asking about your products under the “customer questions and answers” section.


Are they asking things like: How does it fit? Is it natural? Does it use animal testing? Is this the right product for XYZ?


All of the common questions should be clearly answered in your infographics. Your customers are literally telling you what they are looking for… as Chandler would say: could it BE any easier?

Epilogue: Next Steps

So you have successfully brought people to your product’s page on Amazon, and you have used product videos to increase sales (CONGRATULATIONS!).


What's next?


This is the perfect moment to do some brand building, and re-target them to get repeat purchases. Custom and personalized inserts are a great way to do this on the fulfillment side. Want to learn more? Reach out, we'd love to chat!

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