Scalable Omnichannel Fulfillment That Grows With You

Meet your customers exactly where they are at with a fulfillment partner that can navigate the complexities of retail routing guides, marketplace compliance, and DTC/B2B standards with ease.


The omnichannel dream doesn't have to come with the logistical headaches.

Taking the leap from DTC to omnichannel comes with its own set of challenges—demanding retail partnerships, confusing compliance guidelines, and complicated shipping—all putting a strain on your inventory, team, and resources.


At Nice, we don't just understand the complexities between retail, marketplace, and B2B fulfillment, we specialize in them.


Lean on our extensive experience working with the big leagues like Amazon, Target, Walmart, QVC, and TJ Maxx, to take your products beyond the screen, gain new customers, and level up revenue.

"Working with Nice from the get-go was a total game-changer for my brand. As I look to grow Daysie into an omnichannel business, I know for a fact that Nice Commerce will be absolutely instrumental in helping me achieve these results!" 


- Tara Pate, Founder, Daysie

Streamline your channels all under one roof.

When it comes to multi-channel fulfillment, what works for one, does not work for all.


Our team diligently documents your brand’s unique processes for each channel and creates standards that guarantee consistent quality again and again. As your needs evolve, so do we, ensuring seamless growth and continuous support across DTC and B2B operations. 

Eliminate costly chargebacks.

You've got more important things on your plate than navigating confusing retail compliance standards and costly chargebacks when you miss a step.


Our team nerds out on the nitty-gritty details of prepping, barcoding, and shipping standards retailers throw our way. Plus we take on the financial responsibility if we get it wrong, leaving you to breathe easier.

Avoid stockouts and inventory discrepancies.

Without accurate inventory tracking and stockout protection plans, you could be leaving sales on the table.


For marketplaces, like Amazon, we can create automations to self-fulfill if stock runs out. Plus, our fully-scanned based warehouse and 24/7 reporting ensures you know exactly how much inventory you have on stock, powering timely purchasing decisions.


Add that to our personalized fulfillment solutions, and you've got a recipe for growth.

On-Site Account Management

Kitting and Assembly

Lot and Expiry Tracking

100% Scanned-Based Facility

24/7 Analytics and Reporting

Climate-Controlled Storage

Global Expansion

Reverse Logistics

You're in Nice company.

We've been able to work with high-growth brands of all sizes to help them acheive their wildest logistic dreams:

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