High-Touch Fulfillment for Brands of All Sizes

Is your current fulfillment partner unable to match the customization and attention to detail that your influencers, PR team, brand ambassadors, and customers expect to see? Luckily, we've got the tools and technology in place to make your brand stand out, while giving you time to focus on the stuff that really matters.

Don't lose that personal touch that makes your brand special

We've made sure that every parcel that lands in your customer's hands is packed with the same care and attention as if it was done directly by you. We're able to use our WMS-native conditional logic to create automation that makes your brand and products stand out among the rest.

Order Inserts & Automation

Boost your retention tactics by including order inserts, stickers, free gifts, and more. We'll utilize the order data from your store to create customized experiences for every customer.

Vertical-Specific Packing

Does your brand have an influencer, ambassador, PR, military, or athlete program? We can create highly custom and detailed packing SOPs for each, with automations to boot!

Kitting & Assembly Services

Wow your customers and partners with unforgetable unboxing experiences. We have scalable processes in place to assemble ready-to-ship sets for efficient fulfillment.  

Secure & Optimal Shipping

Whether your order is standard or high-touch, DTC or wholesale, our team scouts optimal shipping options for the best speed and cost and securely packs your orders to your unique standards.

You're in nice company

Here are some of the brands that take advantage of our high-touch capabilities

Maithili  Red Clay Hot Sauce

Our influencer strategy was to make creators fall in love with the product just as much as our customers.

We wanted to create a super memorable experience for the orders that were being sent to our influencers and media contacts, but we were finding it really hard to do this at scale. Luckily we found Nice Commerce! Their expertise—from inventory management to packaging and shipping—has been invaluable. We are thrilled to be a partner with Nice.