Last-Minute Tips for Black Friday Sales

4 valuable tips to avoid panic.

Black Friday Sale Window

Black Friday 2021 is this weekend, but you can stop the panic if you follow our tips below. That’s it, that’s the intro.

1. Your customer service needs to be ON POINT

Customer service call

We were going to say that customer service needs to be “on fleek”, but then we remembered that it wasn’t 2015 anymore, and we were cooler than that.


So how can you ensure amazing customer service? One of the easiest things to do is to be proactive, rather than reactive. Anticipating common issues, and preparing in advance ways to troubleshoot them, will go a long way to make your life easier.


Additionally, know that you can’t anticipate absolutely everything — there is no such thing, no matter how much planning you do and how many articles from Nice Commerce you read. With that in mind, make sure that your team knows that, regardless of what happens or how badly they get yelled at, they NEED to always, always, always be friendly and helpful. No Panik; only Kalm.

2. All eyes on inventory

low inventory problems

The ultimate sign of panic.

Depending on the amount of stock you keep around, it might be possible, or extremely likely, that some of your items sell out. You need to know what to do when that happens.


The importance of messaging here can’t be overstated. With the right spin, you could easily turn something that is traditionally seen as a negative (shortage of stock) into a big positive. All you need is the right words:


Instead of “We are down to very limited quantities of this item”, try “Whoa! We’re selling out…really FAST”.


Instead of “We are sorry, that item is out of stock”, try “We are sorry, this item is even more loved than we anticipated” (that’s right, you still apologize — refusing to say the words “I’m sorry” is for stubborn psychopaths and for bad PR firms (oh, and also for the showrunners of Game of Thrones…but arguably they fall under stubborn psychopaths).


Additionally, you can use this opportunity to start pushing other items, maybe even with an additional “kiss and make up” discount, on top of the regular discount.

3. Extend the sales into cyber week

Cyber Monday Neon Sign

Question: What do people like more than sales?


Answer: More Sales.




Seriously though, there is already an increased interest in your store due to the Black Friday sales, so why not keep that interest going by extending the sales? You can feel free to tinker with the exact percentages and items for sale, but the point is that you should leverage the increased Black Friday traffic, and use it for ongoing increased conversions, continuing all the way to Cyber Week.


It is also a good idea to have a specific sales goal in mind, and doing everything possible to reach it. Doing this will give you motivation, and keep you and your team focused on a target. This is much better than working under some generalized (and perhaps uninspiring) philosophy of “just sell more crap”.

4. Increase conversions by using the right marketing

Digital marketing apps

We love all these marketing tools equally, and we don't play favorites... but email is our fave.

It is important to use a number of different mediums, in order to reach the largest possible audience. HOWEVER, for the most part, email marketing is better at getting conversions than social media.


Use this information wisely, and use your social media channels (where you probably have the most reach) to get potential customers on your email list, where the success rate is usually higher.


To be clear — all the marketing tools at your disposal are important, and they all have different benefits and different vibes. We do not discriminate against any of them, not even against the stupid TikTok which makes no sense and is an absolute waste of time on top of being an obvious data mining tool for the Chinese Communist Party. Ahem. But keep an eye on your conversion rate, and if email is the one getting you the most results, then make that your focus.


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