Sustainability Tips for eCommerce Brands

Three simple, easy-to-implement things you can do TODAY to make your eCommerce brand more eco-friendly.

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Not sure if you’ve heard, my dear eCommerce enthusiasts, but the planet isn’t doing so hot lately. Actually, somewhat ironically, the planet is not doing so hot precisely because it is getting a bit too hot.


It’s true, and pretty undeniable at this point. However, here at Nice Commerce, we don’t have time to mope in a self-righteous funk, because:


  1. We got over our emo period WEEKS ago;
  2. We are just too busy kicking ass (at logistics), taking names (and emails), and just generally improving the eCommerce experience for everyone; and
  3. We have many, MANY solutions with which we do our part to solve the environment problem

With that in mind, below is just a quick sampling of THREE of those solutions. You will find instantly-applicable green hacks that every eCommerce business can start working on.

1. Reusble and Recyclable Packaging

noissue recycled padded mailer

We're big fans of noissue recycled mailers.

Reusing and recycling packaging is an easy way for small to midsize eCommerce fulfilment companies to cut costs, as well as demonstrating to their customers a commitment to sustainability.


To give you a great example, check out our Blue Tag program. Cool stuff, right?


Of course, we know it is possible that you loved the memes so much that you are now just REFUSING to take in any non-meme text, as you can only absorb information through memes (happens to the best of us). Lucky for you, here at Nice Commerce, we love giving the people what they want, so here you go:

Reusable packaging meme

2. Righ-Sized Packaging

Bliss skincare packaging

The best way to reduce your use of plastic is to develop smart product design that reduces your use of plastics and other materials while still protecting and showcasing your product. Smaller packaging ='s less cost. Does your packaging add unnecessary extra weight or space? Does it fit neatly and efficiently on shipping palletes? Are their opportunities to use recycled materials?


Even the smallest changes can make a significant difference in your carbon footprint. Think of what reducing the width of your folding cartons by 1/8 of an inch equates to over a large-sized print run. Then factor in that you'll fit more products onto shipping trucks, and you'll cut emission in addition to saving on costs.


These righ-size packaging sustainability measure can be amplified by choosing eco-friendly or recycled material, or work with a manufacturere that keeps green energy and sustainability front of mind.


"Our packaging is our biggest, most visible billboard."

right-size packaging

Need we say more? Why explan further when meme do trick?

3. Paperless Logistics

Digital logistics

Most major logistics companies have warehouses that are now fully paperless. What are the benefits? Well, there are quite a few:


  • Boost efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Enhance response times
  • Stronger, faster communication in real time
  • Enable analysis of performance metrics

Going paperless can be so beneficial, in fact, that 3PL Central, a warehouse management system (WMS) provider, claims they save warehouses that switch to their system up to an astounding 161 hours of time per month.


If you are still not convinced, then just think about this: What if you NEVER have to deal with paperwork at your warehouses again? Feels good, huh? Drake agrees.

drake paperless meme

We get it: running an eCommerce is a many-headed beast, and it be hard to tame.


As a result of this, it can feel overwhelming to merely start thinking about ways in which you can make your eCommerce more sustainable. But one thing is for sure — you NEED to make it more sustainable. Because it is better for the planet, yes, but also because it has many direct benefits for you:


  • Customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced costs
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Optimized space
  • Increased efficiency


“It will not only be possible to do well by doing good, it will only be possible to do well by doing good."


Start thinking about the future NOW, and think about us as your source of information for all your arising logistics needs in the future. We will help you tame the eCommerce beast by providing you guidance as you navigate the tricky terrain of logistics.


Do you have any more sustainability ideas for warehouse, shipping, or logistics in general? Send them to us, and we might feature them in upcoming content!

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