Luxury Lifestyle Brand Opens Doors to International Customers With Nice Commerce

TL;DR: A luxury brand desired to ship its perfume line to international customers, but because of all the red tape, other fulfillment companies wouldn't take on the project. But we did. In six months, their new sales channel was thriving with nearly 2,000 orders and new customers in 20 countries.

The Need

A celebrity-backed luxury lifestyle brand wanted to open a new sales channel to reach international customers, however, their perfume line is considered a hazardous material, and difficult to ship by air. Due to the additional compliance and processes required to ship dangerous goods internationally, the brand struggled to find a fulfillment partner willing to take on this challenge.


New Sales Channel

International Shipping

Challenging Product


Creative Problem Solving

Nice Commerce geeks out over the opportunity to solve challenging problems and create efficient processes that drive growth. Whether it’s building a new service from scratch, like with our international hazmat shipping program, or customizing a ready-made solution to fit the client’s specific needs, our team is committed to being a partner for any solution brands need to grow.

The Solution

Our shipping team got to work becoming IATA (International Air Transport Association) compliant by identifying the proper hazardous classifications, markings, and documentation required to ship perfume internationally. Once compliance was established and verified with carriers, the team utilized our robust automation software to create seamless processes that reduced errors and insured all packages received the correct labels and paperwork to ship successfully.


"There’s no doubt it’s been a challenging project to work on, but seeing it all come together for this brand and their international customers has been extremely rewarding.

- Logan, Nice Hazmat Shipping Program Lead

The Results

Within 30 days of onboarding, we had a complete solution in place that allowed the brand to officially open its new sales channel. Within six months, the brand shipped nearly 2,000 hazmat orders spanning 20 countries.


As we proved our commitment to partnership, communication, and problem-solving, the brand transitioned its entire east coast order fulfillment catalog to Nice Commerce by November 2022.

New Sales Channel

Opening the doors to international customers

Faster East Coast Fulfillment

Using split warehousing

2,000 New
Intl. Orders

Shipped within six months of partnership

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