Supplement and Nutraceutical Fulfillment for High-Growth eCommerce Brands

From on-site account management to lot and expiry tracking, let Nice Commerce handle your logistic complexities while you focus on growing and scaling your brand.


Running a supplement eCommerce brand is no small feat.

With rigorous FDA regulations, meticulous product tracking, and the pressure of ensuring pristine delivery to your customers, it can feel like an uphill climb. You're not just selling a product, but a promise of health and wellbeing - and every minor detail can tip the scales.


As eCommerce owners ourselves, we faced a lot of the same hurdles and were tired of inefficient 3PLs taking us for a ride.


So we did something about it.


Nice Commerces offers a broad spectrum of services - from hands-on account management and stringent compliance with our FDA-registered, food-grade facility, to swift shipping and customized order fulfillment. With us, you gain more than a service provider, you gain a strategic partner dedicated to shouldering your logistics burden while you get back to what you do best - growing your brand.

"We love the Nice Team! They more than live up to the name. I would say nice, capable, smart, efficient, responsive -- all of these words touch on what this team brings to the table. We consider them an incredible partner and collaborator and cannot recommend the entire team at Nice highly enough. My only regret is that we did not work with them sooner. Truly."


- Susanne Norwitz, Founder, Maya Chia

Tailored Solutions for High-Growth Supplement Brands

On-Site Account Managers

Having a dedicated team right where the action is can make a world of difference. Our on-site account managers, anchored by swift communication tools like Slack and chat, are continuously tuned into operations, and can quickly answer on-demand questions.

FDA Certified Warehouse

A keen focus on product safety, integrity, and quality is impertive when storing and handling suplements and neutraceuticals. Our FDA registered food-grade facility ensures optimal storage conditions, including elevated, off-the-floor, and climate-contolled solutions.

Advanced Lot +
Expiry Date Tracking

In the supplement and nutraceutical industry, product traceability isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Our advanced lot and expiry date tracking system gives you complete control and insights into your inventory helping you avoid errors, manage stock efficiently, and maintain compliance.

Custom Order

One-size-fits-all just doesn't cut it. That's why our custom order fulfillment services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether it's special packaging for influencers or handling intricate kitting procedures, our expert team manages it with precision.

...and the growth doesn't stop there.

Supercharge your growth potential with our full suite of personalized fulfillment solutions:

DTC + B2B Fulfillment

Kitting and Assembly

Real-Time Inventory Management

100% Scanned-Based Facility

Marketing Automations

In-House Data Analytic Tools

Global Expansion

Reverse Logistics

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