Affordable Marketing Strategies that Work for eCommerce Brands

When we polled our Nice Community on what challenges they're trying to solve and what advice they'd like to hear more of, our pal, Nate from Distil, sent in this:

He's definitely not alone. There are a ton of marketing strategies out there, but many can be expensive and require a ton of resources to see through. And on top of that, there is a lot of competition and noise competing for consumers attention every day.


If you are a small or emerging eCommerce brand your resources are often stretched, and you simply can not afford to waste time or money on marketing that won't reach your target audience or produce a positive ROI.


While there is never a one-size-fits all approach, there are some low hanging fruits out there that are affordable to leverage and can speak to what consumers actually care about. Adem shares three in our TL;DR video above, but for those that like to skim, we've got you covered below.  

Affordable Marketing #1: User Generated Content

These days, brands have to fight to be seen online, and competition is fierce for audience attention. As a result, there is a lot of noise from a bunch of brands making a bunch of claims that can't all be true.


Where's a consumer to turn?


The answer: other people, just like them.


Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to trust reviews, opinions, and experiences shared by their peers compared to content created by brands. People are craving authentic expereinces, and are consuming them through low-production social videos taken by cellphones and not high-quality branded videos.


Brands are not leveraging this form of media enough.



User generated content (UGC) facts and statistics

Leverage mico-influencers, user generated content, behind the scenes footage, and low-production low-edit videos that show a peak beneath your brand's hood. All of this creates an authentic experience for consumers that builds trust.


Just make sure those experience don't soley live on social. Embed them on your website, in your emails, via SMS, and even via a QR code in an order insert to catch consumers at multiple points of their journey.


Affordable Marketing #2: Leverage Social Proof In Email

Make sure you are bragging about what your customers are bragging about... AKA you.


Around 90% of people read reviews before making a purchase, so don't make them look to hard for positive feedback.


Screenshot images, testimonials, and reviews and share them in your abandon cart emails to influence a checkout. Blast them out to your current customer base to encourage a repeat purchase. Double points if you also have a CTA to join the conversation and leave their own review. Just make sure to go beyond plain-text reviews!


Reviews in Abandon Cart Email

Affordable Marketing #3: Collect 0 Party Data

AKA: Talk to your customers and followers outside of a purchase or transaction.


Different marketing strategies work for different brands and their consumers, so instead of spinning your wheels trying to find out what will land, consider asking your following what they want to hear more of.




Leverage things like quizzes and polls, constantly asking customers for feedback to inform your future marketing campaigns. In doing this, you get to hear more of what your customers want to see more of and what to see less of, and possibly, how awesome you are (Which you can then use for social proof, above! The circle of life.)


Moral of this story: Just talk to them!

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